About The FBI Background Check Apostille

An apostille is a certificate that proves the authenticity of a signature and seal. When you apply for an apostille, you are certifying that the signature and seal on a document are genuine; in this case, the document is your FBI background check.

The process of getting an apostille in order to use your FBI background check overseas (or in any other country) varies from country to country. It’s important to know what your state requires before beginning this process. The most common steps for obtaining an apostille for an FBI background check are:

1. Contacting the State Department where you live or where you want to travel with your background check (not all states provide this service)

2. Paying the fee (usually $20-$50)

3. Submitting required documents (normally a copy of the original document plus official ID) and waiting for the apostille to be issued

4. Using your apostille certificate to obtain your FBI background check in countries that require it

Apostille FBI Background Check Services

There are FBI apostille criminal background check services available online that will complete the entire process for you, including contacting the state department and submitting your documents for an apostille. These services are usually offered as part of a larger package that also includes obtaining a passport or notary public certificate.

If you need to obtain a criminal background check apostille, then it’s best to use an experienced service provider that can guide you through the process and make sure that everything is done correctly. The costs for this type of service vary depending on what state you live in, how quickly you need the apostille issued and whether or not it’s part of a larger package.

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