How Physiotherapy Can Help The Elderly

The physical effects of ageing are well known. These include:

  • Decreased muscle mass and therefore strength.
  • Decreased elasticity of tendons and ligaments leading to muscle and joint stiffness.
  • Decreased strength in the heart muscles also making it harder to pump blood around the body.
  • Osteoporosis (weakening of bones leading to fractures).
  • Joint stiffness and arthritis.

The processes of ageing can be slowed by regular stretching and exercise. Current research shows many benefits of activity in the elderly including: increasing muscle mass and slowing the effects of ageing, decreased risk of falling, increasing blood flow and improving cardio function, maintaining independence etc.

Physiotherapy can help guide you in a gentle, safe activity or exercise program according to your needs. Recommendations to improve safety in the home or walking can also be made. Prescribing walkers, aides, hip protectors etc can all help to prevent injuries in the elderly in Bergen.

Physiotherapy treatment services (massage, electrical and movement therapy) to help ease the pain of arthritis or other injuries are important to provide comfort and allow better quality of life for our elderly population.

Vitum Fysioterapi Bergen physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions such as neck, headache, back or other joint and muscle pain, in providing rehabilitation after strokes or surgery such as joint replacements or for broken bones, and in treating a range of other conditions.

Physiotherapy can reduce pain associated with day-to-day work, recreational or sporting injuries, whether they are recent or longer-term problems. Aches or pains that you have been putting up with a long time can often be eliminated or alleviated with treatment that addresses both the underlying causes and the symptoms of the problem.

How Physiotherapy Can Help In The Workplace

The Workplace can be a place where there is high risk of injuries. From acute strains and sprains from heavier tasks to repetitive overuse injuries. Physiotherapy helps improve pain and movement from workplace injuries as well as provide you with strategies to help prevent pain and injuries. These strategies may include: stretching and warm up exercises, specific strengthening for your job, ergonomic desk and workstation setup etc.

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Psychotherapy Benefits

It is possible to make positive changes in your life. The decision to seek help to initiate those changes is important, and in some cases, difficult.

Therapy involves an assessment of the needs of individuals, couples, families and groups, and the identification of and work towards specific goals. The professionalism of a trained New York therapist, the promise of confidentiality, and a safe, comfortable space, all contribute to creating a sense of trust that allows thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams to surface. The work in treatment is focused on providing both emotional and concrete support, and on guidance to enhance self-awareness.

It could be argued that anyone could benefit from psychotherapy New York counseling, but the real key is always on motivation and readiness to work towards change. Ultimately, the therapeutic process is one that has great benefits, as it helps you gain insight into yourself, deal more effectively with others, and handle challenging life situations with greater clarity and strength.

Individual Therapy

Using a cognitive therapy approach, work focuses on identifying negative behaviors that are commonly developed over time to cope with stress. The aim of individual therapy is to encourage the expression of feelings and to work on positive strategies of dealing with stress.

Couples Therapy

Couples are often strained by an inability to communicate thoughts and feelings effectively. In the case of parents, the relationship can further be strained by the overwhelming responsibility of caring for children. In therapy, partners learn to listen, ‘digest’ and respond appropriately to one another, to negotiate compromises, and to work together on managing responsibilities.

Family Therapy

Problems can arise in a family for many different reasons. Children are typically the first to exhibit signs of stress. Through family therapy, children are provided opportunities for play therapy to express feelings, while parents learn to work together and with their children to cope. The aim of treatment is to open the lines of communication between family members so that they can effectively share thoughts and feelings.

Group Therapy

Groups are formed to bring people together with similar situations, experiences and/or conflicts. In therapy, members gain support and guidance from one another. One-session workshops and lectures are also available on request to address specific topics.

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Drug Rehabilitation Center Information

The lifestyle that you have been living as a substance abuser probably lacked structure. When you enter into a drug rehabilitation center, you will be provided the structure that you need to get clean. In addition, you will be provided with a wide range of services, including detox treatment, counseling sessions, educational studies and much more. All of this will help you on your road to recovery, and more importantly, it will help you to achieve sobriety in a realistic manner.

If you have been thinking about going to treatment but are uncertain on what to expect, you must take note that Los Angeles treatment facilities will differ in the services that they provide. Before entering into a drug rehabilitation center, make sure you find one that will meet your needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the different services offered through different types of Los Angeles drug rehab facilities.

Detox Services

You will most likely want to attend a drug rehabilitation center that offers detox services. In doing this, you can rest assured that you will be properly treated while you endure your withdrawal symptoms. Detox services usually include 24 hour supervision under a licensed medical professional, and they may even include medical attention in the case that you need it. Sometimes, depending on the substances you are withdrawing from, you may be prescribed medications to help ease the pain associated with coming down off of the substances you were abusing.

One-On-One Therapy

You need to take part in a drug treatment program that offers one-on-one therapy. This type of therapy will ensure that your individual needs are appropriately addressed. Your therapy sessions will take place with a licensed therapist who specializes in treating substance abuse issues. Make sure you that you obtain therapy from a professional who has experience treating patients who are similar to you. For example, if you are a poly-substance abuser, meaning you abuse more than one drug, you will want to obtain therapy from a therapist who has experience in treating this type of issue.

Group Therapy

Being around other people that are dealing with the same problems that you are facing will make you realize that recovery is possible because other people like you are successfully staying clean. These people will be able to share with you how they are overcoming their problems, which will make it easier for you to overcome yours.

Recreational Activities

Just because you are getting clean from drugs does not mean you have to sit at home all the time, nor does it mean you have to stay cramped up in a treatment facility for an extended period of time. Keeping this in mind, make sure you take part in a drug rehabilitation center that offers recreational activities for you to take part in. From softball games to bowling outings to going to the movies, there are many programs that will adequately treat your substance abuse issues all the while being realistic about the fact that you need to take part in social and recreational events.

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Keep Yourself Generally Healthy

The best way to avoid catching the coronavirus will always be to keep a healthy body with a strong, resilient immune system. This entails all the things your doctor has ever told you – namely, sleeping seven to eight hours per night, eating nutritious, healthy meals and finding time for regular exercise. Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis will also go a long way toward minimizing your risk of contracting the virus. Aim to imbibe at least eight cups of water each day.

Make sure you have a family doctor that you can see when necessary. It’s also a good idea to prepare a list of walk-in clinics within your area of residence and work in case of severe symptoms that require immediate attention. Make a note of which clinics offer extended hours as many walk-ins will not stay open past five or six o’ clock.

Learn the difference between a cold and the virus. It’s extremely easy to find checklists to keep handy for reference on the internet or as a print-out from your doctor. It’s important to be able to self-diagnose to a certain extent so you don’t put yourself into a panic if you’ve come down with nothing more than a stuffy nose or an otherwise harmless cold symptom. Medication is also targeted toward aiding either type of ailment. Taking cold medicine when you actually have the virus won’t have as noticeable an effect as desired and will only get in the way of your proper recovery if you’re suffering from the illness.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There aren’t a large number of actual products that you need to purchase and prepare in order to avoid the virus. It can’t hurt to keep some medicine or antibacterial gel handy and couple of N95 masks but you don’t need to rush out to buy a 1000’s of surgical masks or special gloves. After all, stress can cause illness so avoiding panicking about the virus can actually improve your chances at staying healthy.

Knowing the above tips and practicing them during the pandemic will go a long way toward helping you in staying healthy. Take note of all applicable points and make sure that you and your family are as prepared as possible toward warding off (or catching) the coronavirus.

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Struggling With Addiction

Although many people struggle with addiction in their lives, not all of them are able to overcome it. Your chances of being successful in becoming healthy and making a full recovery depend on many things, including how driven you are to succeed and live a healthier and better life overall.

Having support is definitely one of the most important things that can either make or break a person when it comes to trying to beat addiction. Those who have family and friends that support them through their initial recovery period tend to do much better than those who do not have anyone to be there for them. To avoid a relapse you will want to let everyone who you are close to know about what you are going through so they will be able to help you in any way possible.

Addiction can be tough, which is why you will need to have an action plan that details exactly how you are going to go about overcoming your problems. If you are addicted to drugs for example, detox will not be enough to free you of the stranglehold that they have on you. There is definitely a physical aspect to addiction, but a lot of it is also psychological. Be sure to come up with multiple ways to stay healthy, because it really is a day-to-day process. While there are some really good detox Connecticut facilities, there is no single miracle cure that will be able to help you overcome your addiction overnight.

Eating healthy is one way to make sure that you improve your life in all aspects. Whether your addiction is drugs, alcohol, or anything else, you will want to be putting all good things into your body. This will help to purify your entire system and keep your energy level up. All of your meals should contain a healthy balance of foods that are good for you and provide you with everything you need in terms of vitamins and nutrients. Also remember to drink lots of water because it too helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

If you have been considering joining a support group, make sure that it has steps that you can go through, otherwise it will be a complete waste of your time. By simply meeting with a bunch of other people and talking, you will only be able to go so far. The reason that a lot of these kinds of groups are broken down into steps is because it can help to organize and clarify what needs to be done when treating addictions.

Although it is more of a first step, you will want to make sure that you overcome that initial feeling of denial, because it can prevent you from getting the help you need. Even after someone detoxes, they will begin to believe that they have been “fixed” and no longer need to take any steps towards preventing a future relapse. The fact is that former addicts need to keep on doing these things to stay healthy, so never convince yourself that it is okay to stop what you are doing.

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People who are sexually active with numerous partners might not know whether they have sexually transmitted disease (STD). This is because there are times that the symptoms do not show themselves. There are different kinds of STD home tests available. Individuals can get tested at a clinic or have an STD test.

Sometimes taking a trip to the clinic scares people. It is quite embarrassing to set an appointment much less go there in your car. You might also be worried what people might think if they saw you entering the clinic.

At Home STD Tests are a great alternative for people to be checked. It provides many benefits such as being able to enjoy privacy about the matter.

The home STD test kit or package is for those people who do not want to visit clinics or go out to a lab. The kit can be bought online and you will have to send the sample to the clinic. All the necessary items are provided in the kit.

Even the address of the clinic is etched in the pre-paid postal box container to collect the sample. You have to drop it only at the nearest mail box. The sample is tested in accredited laboratories and clarified by a physician before providing the results to you.

However, the limitations of a home STD testing kit is that it is not comprehensive as there are some things that you simply can’t be tested for, or do the sampling for properly, at home. This is why a Complete STD Test may be a good choice for someone that wants a thorough STD work up.

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Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

A lot of people wonder where they can find vegetarian sources of protein. Since protein is considered as an important building block of hormones, cartilages, tissues and muscles every person must be able to take considerable amount of it every single day. However, a common misconception is that individuals having a vegan or vegetarian diet lack protein. As a matter of fact, most of these people even take protein supplements just to meet the daily protein requirements of the body.

The hidden reality is that a vegetarian diet is also rich in protein. From fruits to vegetables to nuts to Vegan Meats, there are adequate sources of protein that can give the proper amount of such mineral required for the numerous processes of the body.

Here are some of the best vegetarian sources of protein:

1. Soy: Otherwise known as soybeans, soy is a good source of protein that is usually found in soy milk and peanut butter. It has been studied and verified that a cup of soybean equals 29 grams of protein. Soybeans are also helpful in conserving calcium, reduces bad cholesterol and tones up bones in the body. Soy must be consumed in small amounts as negative effects can be observed if over consumed.

2. Tofu: This is basically derived from Soy, and sometimes called “soy curd”. It can be cooked in numerous forms, pureed, marinated and sautéd. It can be a rich source of calcium, therefore, very beneficial for the growth of children. For people who have allergies to dairy goods, tofu is a great alternative in order to meet their calcium and protein requirements. Furthermore, tofu is known for containing 9 of the various amino acids, thus, making it one of the greatest vegetarian sources of protein.

3. Lentils: One of the most common sources of protein is the different kinds of lentils. Two cups lentils every single day can provide enough protein for the development of muscles in both grown-ups and children. Lentils can be found in almost every part of the world, it is often easy to obtain and inexpensive. In this case, you must add this to your diet. You can add them in numerous versions of soups and stews or you can just cook them alone.

4. Red Kidney Beans: These delicious beans are best as an additional to numerous dishes. A cup of red kidney beans is equivalent to 15 grams of protein plus many other nutrients and minerals. You can have these beans as additional to different recipes or as a side dish. Make sure to add these beans to your diet as they make one of the best vegetarian sources of protein.

5. Spirulina: This is considered as the world’s healthiest superfood mainly because of the numerous nutrients and minerals it contains. Basically, it is a special type of algae that can be located in fresh and salt waters. A lot of experts recommend spirulina because it is definitely a complete protein source. Apart from that, this wonder food also offers vitamins D, C, B, A and E, various minerals like potassium, zinc and calcium, plus the essential fatty acids.

Vegetarian Sources Of Protein Conclusion

According to the experts, in every 100 pounds of body weight in every individual, he or she must consume at least 40 grams of protein. Therefore, the above-mentioned foods are great vegetarian sources of protein that can satisfy your daily protein requirement in promotion of healthy development of muscles.

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